The Crypto Gods — A DeFi & NFT Project Reaching for the Clouds

What started out as an advanced trading group turned into much more, spawning 2 prophets, 10 disciples, 1 Judas, and the ‘most blessed community in crypto’. Meet The Crypto Gods, a multi-chain, community-centric DeFi and NFT platform led by the one and only Crypto Jesus (CJ).

Crypto Jesus plans on turning NFT water into wine this April with ‘The Gallery of The Gods’. Other plans on the roadmap include The Crypto Gods v1 DEX swap, a news desk, trading resources, educational videos, games, an NFT platform, and more. CJ sets out to collaborate with some of the biggest brands and artists within the crypto space and make a heavenly impact. This divine project seeks to create a more frictionless experience for commercial audiences and newcomers to the space as crypto and blockchain technology begins to penetrate mainstream attention. When asked about his thoughts, CJ commented, “We are still at a point where a random friend or family member would be perplexed at using something we find simple, like Metamask for example. We want to capture the younger generations too, and there is a language barrier and often room for a more inviting UX. Our vision is simple, build effective products and services that incorporate fun, creativity, and innovation. It is also important to preserve the original ethos of this space and use blockchain technology for the greater good.”

The Crypto Gods will be building on two blockchains to start, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). For this dual chain approach, two tokens are used, one to facilitate each network. The native tokens on the Ethereum network are called TCG, and the BSC native tokens are called DIVINE. Each has a total cap of 666,666,666 tokens that the network will ever produce. Following their successful launch, The Crypto Gods plans to expand to Huobi’s HECO and then continue to integrate with other premier smart contract platforms.

‘The Gallery of the Gods’ Preps for Launch

The first product that will be launching on is The Gallery of the Gods (TGOTG), a collection of specially curated one-of-one NFTs. These angelic NFT’s will be the only ones in existence, designed by some of the most blossoming and respected digital artists in the NFT space, such as Drippieverse, Daily Dose NFT, Crypto Crawlerz, Bangeroo, and more.

A prophecy revolves around TGOTG, one that only Bitcoin can fulfill for the NFT sales to begin. The TGOTG platform will launch in April, but the price per Bitcoin has to hit $100,000 each for TGOTG’s NFT art to become available, an event the entire cryptocurrency community is waiting to celebrate. When this time inevitably arrives, users will finally get the chance to purchase these special edition NFTs from some of the most sought-after artists in the industry.

The Token Presale Comes With a Special Prize

As The Crypto Gods plan to launch TGOTG and their V1 DEX, they are also holding a token sale in preparation for mainnet launch. The token presale is already 70% sold out, with the network automatically airdropping each buyer the complimentary token one-to-one after the completion of the sale. That means if you buy 500 TCG you will automatically receive 500 DIVINE, and vice versa. Once the token sale is over, the only way to access TCG or DIVINE before they hit the market is through the upcoming IDO.

Anyone who invests over $100, the equivalent of 3333 tokens, will automatically receive the first official NFT by The Crypto Gods. ‘The Pill of The Gods’ has been created by Daily Dose NFT, the same creator behind the Phala Privacy Pill. Crypto Jesus and Alyshah Monroe also contributed to the design. More information on the presale can be found at

Following the presale’s completion, The Crypto Gods will be holding an IDO on the DODO platform. As one of the premier dual-chain IDO platforms, it will be a beneficial collaboration for both parties. To make things a little more interesting, The Crypto Gods and Daily Dose NFT have also created a limited edition DODO NFT for IDO investors, although more information will not be available until after the presale. You can subscribe for project updates at

To chat with CJ or join the community you can head to the official Telegram channel where you can also find their buzzing trading group. Make sure you are prepared to follow the 10 crypto commandments which can be found at

In the words of CJ…

Blessed art thou hodlers 🙏

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